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Important Things to Remember When Ordering a Custom Wrestling Singlet

At Wrestler Supply, we understand the importance of you finding the perfect wrestling singlet. Just like you, we understand that what a wrestler wears during a match can either increase or decrease his or her chances of winning. Singlets can be a great type of attire to wear during matches, but many wrestlers get stumped when it comes to choosing the right type of singlet. For the person who is serious about wrestling, we would suggest ordering a custom singlet.

There are many benefits to ordering a custom wrestling singlet from Wrestler Supply. The main reason is that custom-made wrestling singlets are tailored to meet any demand you may have, and are designed specifically with your needs in mind. In our opinion, ordering a custom wrestling singlet is the best way to go! Call 855-343-5151 today and let one of our Team Specialists help you order the perfect singlet. 

A Couple Things to Know Before You Order a Custom Wrestling Singlet 

Ready to order a custom singlet from Wrestler Supply? Great! Before you call 855-343-5151 for assistance, here are a two things to keep in mind:

  • Be Specific – When you are on the phone with one of our Team Specialists, please be sure to be as vocal as possible with him or her about your needs. Tell the specialist exactly what you are looking for in a singlet. Remember, the more specific and direct you are, the higher your chances are for receiving the product you need to fight your best match every time you get on the mat.
  • Pick Up the Phone – You can order some custom wrestling singlets simply by heading over to our custom singlet category. However, if you want a custom sewn or custom sublimated singlet, your order must be taken over the phone. This is because our Team Specialists need quite a bit of information from you in order to ensure you get the ideal singlet. We encourage you to call 855-343-5151 and allow our specially trained Team Specialists to help you order your custom wrestling singlet. 

Why Should You Order a Custom Wrestling Singlet from Wrestler Supply?

At Wrestler Supply, we know the specific needs and desires of wrestlers. Why? Because our company was established by professional wrestlers, for wrestlers. Our staff members feel confident in their expertise in the area of wrestling/wrestling gear, and they are ready to help you through the process of ordering the custom wrestling singlet that would best serve your needs. Here's another great reason to order your custom wrestling singlet from Wrestler Supply: you can trust us. Since our staff members will not recommend wrestling products to a customer that they would not recommend to a family member, you can be sure that we are dedicated to meeting your needs with the most economical, high quality wrestling singlets. 

Call us today at 855-343-5151 and let us assist you in finding and ordering the wrestling singlet that will increase your performance and confidence. We look forward to hearing from you!