Asics Wrestling Shoes are “the Best of the Best” February 07 2014

If you’ve ever purchased wrestling gear from Wrestler Supply, you know that we offer the best products at the most reasonable prices. Couple that with fantastic customer service and you’ve got a winning combination. Wrestler Supply is quickly becoming THE online source that wrestlers are turning to for gear such as singlets, kneepads, apparel, and shoes. We have to admit that our line of shoes is outstanding, and we want to tell you more about a very special brand of wrestling shoe that many wrestlers consider to be “the best of the best”. 

Asics wrestling shoes are game-changers. 

We here at Wrestler Supply have a policy: we will not sell wrestling gear that we would not personally recommend to a friend or family member. Period. This means our customers can rest assured that they are getting products that will serve them well and maximize their wrestling performance. We are especially choosy when it comes to our line of wrestling shoes. Why? Because as wrestlers ourselves, we totally understand that the right pair of shoes can make or break a wrestler’s game. We are proud to carry brands such as Adidas, Matman, Brute, and Asics. 

All of our shoes designed for wrestling are impressive, but there is something special about Asics wrestling shoes. As we mentioned above, some wrestlers consider this brand to be the very best of any. This is because Asics wrestling shoes are extremely high-quality, comfortable, lightweight, stylish, and affordable. Asics truly makes game-changing shoes that wrestlers can trust and be excited about wearing.  

Asics wrestling shoes can meet just about any need you have as a wrestler. Different shoe models have different features and functions. Here are just a few examples of Asics wrestling shoes’ various features:

Unsurpassed traction

Youth and adult models  

New colors for the 2013-2014 season

Custom, secure fit 

Superior ventilation

Made from materials such as lightweight mesh and suede

Sleek, lightweight designs

Performance-enhancing models

Revolutionary new sole designs 

Can you see now why Asics wrestling shoes don’t disappoint? Try a pair out for yourself. 

Our wrestling shoes meet the rules related to lace coverage.

As a wrestler, you need to be investing in shoes that meet the rules related to lace coverage. Don’t waste your money by purchasing shoes that do not comply with these rules. ALL of the wrestling shoes offered by Wrestler Supply, including Asics, are in full compliance with lace coverage-related rules. When you order from us, you’ll know that you are getting shoes you can feel confident wearing.  

Order the best -- order Asics.

Want to treat yourself to the most superior pair of wrestling shoes available? If so, order a pair of Asics wrestling shoes. These shoes are comfortable, beautiful, affordable, and performance enhancing. What more could you want in a shoe? You can find so many awesome Asics models right here at Remember, when you purchase great wrestling gear, you are investing in yourself as a wrestler. We think you are worth the investment.