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The Benefits of Youth Wrestling Shoes February 25 2014

We here at Wrestler Supply really appreciate our customers, and this includes the many young wrestlers who choose to make us their source for wrestling gear. We know that today’s young wrestlers are tomorrow’s elite wrestlers, so we make it our aim to provide these individuals with the wrestling gear they need to start strong. Among other types of gear, we offer a generous selection of youth wrestling shoes. Youth wrestling shoes are an important investment for a young wrestler -- read on to find out why. 

What are the benefits of youth wrestling shoes?

It’s important for young wrestlers to wear youth wrestling shoes because of their considerable benefits. Here are just a couple of the benefits of youth wrestling shoes:

Comfort -- A good pair of youth wrestling shoes are designed to keep a young person’s feet cool, dry and comfortable. Staying comfortable will allow a wrestler to keep their head in the game. Also, a proper pair of youth wrestling shoes will lessen or eliminate foot pain. 

Prevention of injuries -- Did you know that the right pair of youth wrestling shoes can help  prevent injuries? This is because a great pair of shoes will provide the right amount of traction, which can help to prevent falls. Prevention of injury is particularly important for the young wrestler who is still growing and changing.

The youth wrestling shoes available at Wrestler Supply are designed for comfort and prevention of injury. They are also in compliance with rules related to lace coverage. When you order a pair of youth wrestling shoes from Wrestler Supply, you can be sure your wrestling shoes will be safe, comfortable, and will meet wrestling standards. 

Youth wrestling shoes can give young wrestlers an “edge” of confidence. 

Wouldn’t you agree that confidence is an absolutely essential attribute of a successful sportsman/woman? There is just something about unshakeable confidence that helps a wrestler dominate his or her matches. Even young wrestlers crave this “edge” that we call self-confidence. There are many ways to increase confidence, and one way is to invest in a great pair of wrestling shoes. After all, when you know your shoes are safe and in compliance with lace coverage-related rules, you will be able to keep your head in the game and focus on performing to the very best of your ability. Ordering a pair of youth wrestling shoes from Wrestler Supply is a quick and easy way to increase confidence and wrestling performance.  

You can find the best selection of youth wrestling shoes right here at  

There is no doubt that you’ll find the best in youth wrestling shoes at Wrestler Supply. Our staff members handpick all of our wrestling gear, including our youth wrestling shoes. Since we only choose gear and shoes we would recommend to a close friend or family member, you can be sure you are ordering the highest quality youth wrestling shoes available. Remember, investing in the right wrestling shoes today will help shape tomorrow’s leading wrestlers.

What Is Wrestling Headgear and Why Is It Important? February 18 2014


We’re sure you are aware that wrestling is a tough sport, and at times it is even dangerous. The good news is protective headgear can help take the fear factor out of wrestling. It is crucial that wrestlers of all skill levels wear proper wrestling headgear during every practice and match. Why? Because wrestling headgear protects the face, ears, and the entire head. Most wrestlers have probably experienced varying levels of blows to the head during heated matches. Wrestling headgear can help to prevent such blows from resulting in serious injury. One of the smartest things a wrestler can do is to invest in the best protective headgear available. 

What does wrestling headgear do?

Wrestling headgear protects the ears, chin, and face. There are two main types of wrestling headgear: ear guards and face guards. An ear guard is basically two cups that fit snugly over the ears. These cups are held in place with straps that go over the top of the head, under the chin, and across the back of the head. Sometimes an ear guard will be designed as a cap. Ear guard cups are typically fairly soft despite their protective qualities. Ear guard cups are also ventilated. An ear guard is an absolutely essential piece of wrestling gear that every wrestler should possess. Wrestler Supply carries ear guards made by Matman, Cliff Keen, Adidas, Asics, and Brute. These names are trusted and consistently deliver the highest quality wrestling headgear on the market. 

Aside from the ear guard, there is another type of wrestling headgear: the face guard. This is the ultimate piece of protective headgear, as it protects the entire face and head from wrestling-related injuries. Wrestler Supply offers the Cliff Keen Face Guard. This face guard is padded and complies with NFHS wrestling standards. This face guard will fit any type of Cliff Keen headgear. If you want the best head/face protection you can get, a face guard would be a great investment for you. 

You can feel confident when wearing headgear from Wrestler Supply.

Now that you’ve read this post we’re sure you understand the importance of wearing protective headgear every time you engage in wrestling. We want you to know that we here at Wrestler Supply handpick the headgear that is sold on our online store. Further more, we make it our policy to only choose gear we would personally recommend to a friend or family member. This is the reason our store is packed with only high quality wrestling gear that keeps our customers loyal. When you order from Wrestler Supply, you can rest assured that you are getting protective headgear that will keep you safe and help you concentrate on the game. When it comes to the best in protective headgear, Wrestler Supply simply cannot be beat. It’s our business and our pleasure to keep you safely performing your best at every match.

Asics Wrestling Shoes are “the Best of the Best” February 07 2014

If you’ve ever purchased wrestling gear from Wrestler Supply, you know that we offer the best products at the most reasonable prices. Couple that with fantastic customer service and you’ve got a winning combination. Wrestler Supply is quickly becoming THE online source that wrestlers are turning to for gear such as singlets, kneepads, apparel, and shoes. We have to admit that our line of shoes is outstanding, and we want to tell you more about a very special brand of wrestling shoe that many wrestlers consider to be “the best of the best”. 

Asics wrestling shoes are game-changers. 

We here at Wrestler Supply have a policy: we will not sell wrestling gear that we would not personally recommend to a friend or family member. Period. This means our customers can rest assured that they are getting products that will serve them well and maximize their wrestling performance. We are especially choosy when it comes to our line of wrestling shoes. Why? Because as wrestlers ourselves, we totally understand that the right pair of shoes can make or break a wrestler’s game. We are proud to carry brands such as Adidas, Matman, Brute, and Asics. 

All of our shoes designed for wrestling are impressive, but there is something special about Asics wrestling shoes. As we mentioned above, some wrestlers consider this brand to be the very best of any. This is because Asics wrestling shoes are extremely high-quality, comfortable, lightweight, stylish, and affordable. Asics truly makes game-changing shoes that wrestlers can trust and be excited about wearing.  

Asics wrestling shoes can meet just about any need you have as a wrestler. Different shoe models have different features and functions. Here are just a few examples of Asics wrestling shoes’ various features:

Unsurpassed traction

Youth and adult models  

New colors for the 2013-2014 season

Custom, secure fit 

Superior ventilation

Made from materials such as lightweight mesh and suede

Sleek, lightweight designs

Performance-enhancing models

Revolutionary new sole designs 

Can you see now why Asics wrestling shoes don’t disappoint? Try a pair out for yourself. 

Our wrestling shoes meet the rules related to lace coverage.

As a wrestler, you need to be investing in shoes that meet the rules related to lace coverage. Don’t waste your money by purchasing shoes that do not comply with these rules. ALL of the wrestling shoes offered by Wrestler Supply, including Asics, are in full compliance with lace coverage-related rules. When you order from us, you’ll know that you are getting shoes you can feel confident wearing.  

Order the best -- order Asics.

Want to treat yourself to the most superior pair of wrestling shoes available? If so, order a pair of Asics wrestling shoes. These shoes are comfortable, beautiful, affordable, and performance enhancing. What more could you want in a shoe? You can find so many awesome Asics models right here at Remember, when you purchase great wrestling gear, you are investing in yourself as a wrestler. We think you are worth the investment. 


Quality Wrestling Shoes Will Maximize Your Performance January 31 2014

Did you know that a quality pair of wrestling shoes can maximize a wrestler’s overall performance? It’s true. Seasoned wrestlers will attest to the fact that great wrestling shoes are essential to feeling confident, stable, and prepared to fight and win every wrestling match. No matter your current level of skill, you need proper wrestling shoes if you want to perform to the very best of your ability. The good news is Wrestler Supply has the shoes you need to be the wrestler you want to be. 

How can wrestling shoes increase someone’s performance?

A quality pair of wrestling shoes really can take your abilities to the next level. How? By keeping you comfortable so that you can keep your mind on the match. During a match, the last thing you need to be thinking about is tired, aching feet. You can prevent this by investing in shoes that are top-quality and designed especially for wrestling.   

What should you look for in a wrestling shoe model?

The “perfect” wrestling shoe should be comfortable, supportive, lightweight, breathable, stable, and in full compliance with rules related to lace coverage. (Don’t make the mistake of investing in shoes that do not meet these rules.) We’re excited to let you know that ALL of the wrestling shoes offered by Wrestler Supply meet standards such as these, including being in compliance with lace coverage-related rules.  

Why are Wrestler Supply’s wrestling shoes the best?

The shoes you’ll find at the Wrestler Supply online store will definitely meet your needs as a wrestler. How can we make this kind of promise? Because all of our shoes are chosen by our staff and Advisory Team. No one can deny that our shoes are chosen with the needs of wrestlers in mind. In fact, our company was established by professional wrestlers who know exactly what the “perfect” wrestling shoe should look and perform like. When you order a pair of wrestling shoes from Wrestler Supply, you can rest assured that you are getting a wrestler-approved shoe that will maximize your performance and increase your confidence. 

The Wrestler Supply online store carries an extensive line of top-brand wrestling shoes. Just a few of the brands we offer include Asics, Adidas, Brute, and Matman. These trusted names have been making quality wrestling shoes for years, and our customers can’t seem to get enough of the shoes these companies create. We here at Wrestler Supply are proud to offer these shoes along with the best customer service you’ll ever experience. 

Whether you are an amateur wrestler or an all-out professional, you need the right pair of wrestling shoes. You know that the proper pair of shoes will maximize your performance and increase your chances of winning every wrestling match you compete in. Amazing wrestling shoes can truly give you the “edge” you’ve been craving. Invest in a pair of wrestling shoes from the Wrestler Supply online store and experience the “edge” for yourself. 

Give Yourself an Edge by Investing In Adidas Wrestling Shoes October 28 2013

The Latest Adidas Wrestling ShoesMost wrestlers would agree that a good pair of wrestling shoes is critical to a good match. Wrestling without shoes designed especially for wrestlers can result in injury at worst and a decreased “edge” at best. Why take the chance? You can lessen your chance of injury and give yourself the edge you crave simply by investing in the right pair of wrestling shoes. In addition to other types of gear, Wrestler Supply carries only the very best in top-of-the-line wrestling shoes. Adidas is just one of the excellent wrestling shoe brands that Wrestler Supply is proud to carry.

Adidas: A Trusted Brand Name in Wrestling Shoes

Many wrestlers entrust their feet—and their game—to Adidas wrestling shoes, and for good reason: Adidas delivers a high quality product for a reasonable price. Since Wrestler Supply won’t sell items that its owners would not recommend to a family member, you can be sure you are getting a trusted product when you order Adidas wrestling shoes. 

Wrestler Supply offers a variety of Adidas wrestling shoes. Adidas Adizero Sydney is the ideal shoe for the serious wrestler, having “deep roots” from the Olympic Games of 2000. Those needing exceptional support might want to consider Adidas’ Combat Speed 4 Wrestling Shoes. And for the wrestler who desires “stellar performance,” Adidas Response 3.1 Wrestling Shoes are the perfect choice. Wrestler Supply offers many additional types of Adidas wrestling shoes that can meet the needs of almost any wrestler, whether amateur or professional.

Adidas wrestling shoes might just provide the boost you need to take your wrestling ability to the next level. By investing in Adidas wrestling shoes, you will be protecting your feet, which are invaluable to you as a wrestler, while at the same time giving yourself the physical support you need to fight your best match every time.  

Wrestler Supply’s Adidas Wrestling Shoes are Exceptional in Quality and Low in Price

Wrestlers who are searching for a shoe that is high in quality but low in price cannot go wrong with a pair of Adidas wrestling shoes. Adidas wrestling shoes are priced quite economically (as is the case with all of Wrestler Supply’s products). This is why Adidas is a wonderfully affordable brand of wrestling shoes.   

Wrestler Supply is a Company You Can Trust

Whether you are choosing Adidas wrestling shoes or some other type of gear, you can trust the products offered by Wrestler Supply. Wrestler Supply treats you more like a friend than a consumer, and by that you can take comfort that you are getting the best quality for the lowest price. 

A family-owned company, Wrestler Supply only stocks the best wrestling products on the market. When you order Adidas wrestling shoes from Wrestler Supply, you can be sure that you will get the very best for your money. 

Consider Adidas wrestling shoes for your next wrestling gear investment. Remember, there’s no better investment you can make as a wrestler than in yourself. 


Find the Perfect Pair of Wrestling Shoes Today October 22 2013

The Perfect Wrestling Shoe
Wrestler Supply is committed to supplying wrestlers with the most affordable, highest quality gear, clothing, and accessories on the market. This family-owned business is dedicated to the satisfaction of its customers and the quality of its product; that’s why so many have made Wrestler Supply their resource for all their wrestling product needs. Wrestling shoes are one such need that Wrestler Supply can fulfill. 

Why Are Wrestling Shoes Important? 

Wrestling shoes are a type of gear that is invaluable to a wrestler. Both the professional and beginning wrestler need the right pair of wrestling shoes. Why? Primarily because wrestling shoes protect the feet, which are of inestimable value to a wrestler. Secondarily (but just as important to many wrestlers), the correct pair of shoes can give an individual’s game a “boost,” so to speak, and helps a wrestler perform at his or her best.

Who Chooses the Wrestling Shoes Offered by Wrestler Supply?

Wrestler Supply is respected for the quality product it offers. Wrestler Supply only carries the best in wrestling shoes. This is because individuals from the company’s staff and Advisory Team personally choose the wrestling shoes that will be sold on the online store. Since Wrestler Supply is run by wrestlers, you can be sure you are getting the best shoes on the market. Asics, Adidas, Brute, and Matman are a few of the excellent brand name wrestling shoes offered on Wrestler Supply’s online store. 

 One reason the wrestling shoes offered by Wrestler Supply are special is because they are all fully compliant with lace coverage-related rules. Wrestlers who compete must abide by these rules and should therefore always choose to purchase shoes in compliance with them.

Wrestling Shoes: Finding the Right Size

Finding the right size of wrestling shoe is important to a wrestler’s overall performance. But how can someone be sure he or she is getting the right shoe size when ordering from the internet? Wrestler Supply ensures every customer gets the right shoe size by providing  sizing recommendations for each individual type of wrestling shoe. So when you order from Wrestler Supply, you are saving yourself the time and headache of having to return items. 

Protect Your Feet (and Your Career) By Investing in the Right Pair of Wrestling Shoes

One of the fastest and easiest ways to protect your feet and possibly prolong your wrestling career is to simply invest in the right pair of wrestling shoes. And wrestling shoes don’t have to cost a fortune. Wrestler Supply is THE source for affordable wrestling shoes. It is also the best source for finding the “perfect” pair of wrestling shoes for you. If you want help choosing the right pair of shoes, call Wrestler Supply at 855-343-5151 and speak to a staff member. This is just one of the many ways Wrestler Supply maximizes customer care.  

Thanks for making Wrestler Supply your source for wrestling shoes, clothes, accessories, and other gear. You are a valued customer! 

Wrestling Shoes October 07 2013

Purchase your new Wrestling Shoes from for the new season. carries the top brands and models to get you performing at your best.  We carry Adidas wrestling shoes, Asics wrestling shoes, Brute wrestling shoes and Matman wrestling shoes.  Our lineup of wrestling shoes is selected by our staff and Advisory Team and makes up the finest selection of wrestling shoes and wrestling gear that our manufacturing partners offer.

Each wrestling shoe we carry is in full compliance with the rules related to lace coverage.  Our lineup is selected to offer you a broad range of performance covering light weight, breathable, traction and numerous additional performance criteria.

We will not carry any wrestling shoes or wrestling gear we would not put on our own family or associates.  We also carry a broad range of price points to cover every budget or performance needs up to the highest level of elite performance wrestling shoes.  Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and write us on our own blog on our web site.

WRESTLING SHOE SIZING: has a sizing recommendation for every wrestling shoe model we offer.  Our recommendations are from wear testing done by our staff and customers that purchase in store.  Returns for exchange are rare and we urge you to take our sizing advice or go with your proven fitting experience.

QUICK SHIPPING:  Quick response is our goal and insuring you receive your gear as quickly as possible.  Most orders ship in one business day or less following order placement.  We are strategically located in the Southeast and this means you will receive your wrestling gear rapidly. thanks you for your support and trust in our delivering and our promise to make your purchase experience a positive experience when shopping for you.  Wrestling gear at Wrestler

Head Gear October 07 2013

Our wrestling headgear helps you stay heads up in your match. With our in-stock brand names like Cliff Keen, Adidas, Brute, Asics and Matman you are sure to find the right wrestling headgear for this season.

Our quality headgear is key to protecting your ears during those practices and matches.  

Whether you need new protective wear to start the season, or you need a backup for that championship match, sells the wrestling gear to keep your head protected.

Click here to see the newest wrestling head gear.

What Wrestling Shoes Should I Buy? September 18 2013

What Type of Wrestling Shoe Should I Buy?


A very common question with wrestlers, parents, and coaches is, “What type of wrestling shoe should I buy?” There are a lot of footwear choices from Wrestler Supply selected brands like Adidas, Asics, Brute, and Matman. There are many great choices and different price levels, but the best way to explain each shoe is to break it down into the categories of Good, Better, and Best. We strongly feel this breakdown will simplify your approach in selecting from the handpicked brands we selected to offer to our customers. The shoes that we carry are all well made, but serve a purpose in wrestling. One last thing before we get into our breakdown. Every person’s foot is different and footwear manufacturers use different lasts. We have a sizing recommendation on each product page. We hope you enjoy our breakdown and do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.


Best Category:


  • adidas adizero Sydney- Great shoe for wrestlers that put a lot of wear and tear on shoes. If you put in a lot of work in the wrestling room then continue to read. It’s easy to refer to this shoe as a “Ferrari” since it has many great features. The adizero Sydney is inspired by Adizero family, which means the shoe is going to be lightweight and be a strong performer. The upper is made of a highly durable, breathable mesh that helps keep your feet feel cool. The upper also has an overwrap heel to promote heel comfort. The midsole and outsole are specifically designed to perform key wrestling attributes like stance and attack since the design promotes grip, rotation, and flexibility. Features unique zippered lace guard system.
  • adidas Response 3.1- Great shoe for wrestlers looking for durability, high quality features, and a sleek design. If you are looking for a shoe to get through an intense training schedule and a lot of matches, then the Response 3.1 will work for you. The upper is made of 3D Spacer Mesh with adidas CLIMACOOL ventilation. The lightweight midsole is engineered for consistent medial contact for superior performance in the drive zones. Outsole gives good grip and combined with the midsole, the engineering will drive you through your shots.
  • adidas Combat Speed 4- Speed, Speed, Speed! That is the theme of the Combat Speed. Perfect shoe for wrestlers that want to stay light and have quick footwork. The upper is made of a durable, breathable mesh, suede leather overlay, and outsole grips in the heel and forefoot making this a perfect design to attack your opponent. Shoe has the look of a Champion!
  • Asics Omniflex Pursuit- The ultimate bare foot experience. A Compression Fit Bootie System that works like a performance sock supports the Omniflex. The upper also consist of PU straps for extreme durability. The unique outsole offers wrestling specific traction. Overall, this shoe is an excellent performer for wrestlers seeking a lightweight, durable shoe to withstand grueling workouts and an intense wrestling schedule. The Omniflex is an elite level performance shoe.
  • Asics Dan Gable Ultimate 3- The Dan Gable series has been a strong performing shoe for Asics for years. Great choice for durability when it is needed most, State Tournament time! The Dan Gable Ultimate 3 is the lightest Dan Gable shoe ever made. Key feature to this shoe is the medial arch support providing flexibility and an exceptional fit around your foot. Excellent build for reliability for the whole season.
  • Jordan Burroughs Shoes- Explosive! That describes Olympic and World Champion Jordan Burroughs. His signature shoe was designed and built for Jordan’s specifications. The upper is made from a lightweight mesh, durable suede, and ventilated quarter panels for optimal comfort and fit. The Jordan Burroughs Shoe is made for explosive wrestlers that need speed and durability.
  • Asics Aggressor 2- Asics’ Most Popular Shoe! This shoe is designed to provide good ankle support and foot stability. The Duosole outsole gives you maximum traction. Overall, the Aggressor is a rugged, durable shoe.
  • Brute John Smith JS25- Brute has designed, developed, and manufactured shoes for a long time and they did not disappoint with the John Smith shoe.  The John Smith shoe has been around for a long time and has always been a top level performing shoe.  This year's JS25 is the LIGHTEST shoe on the market weighing in at 7.25 oz.  For those seeking a sock-like fit with excellent grip, then you have found the right shoe.


Better Category:


  • Asics Cael V5.0- Coming in an ounce lighter than the previous Cael models. Mesh panels make this shoe light and breathable. This is a very versatile shoe that gives you good support, durability, and flexible. A strong performer and great value.
  • Asics Split Second 9- Excellent Value! The Split Second has been around for a long time and its split sole is what has made this shoe popular over the years. Excellent all around option for wrestlers of all levels.
  • Brute Inception- Brute has a long history of making wrestling shoes and the Inception is inspired by their footwear knowledge and experience dealing with elite wrestlers. The Inception uses performance materials and provides a rugged, stylish, and breathable shoe. The outsole provides excellent traction. Solid performer.
  • Matman Striker- Leather/Mesh upper gives you a breathable shoe with a good performing outsole for good traction. The Striker is an excellent shoe and great value.


Good Category:

  • adidas HVC-Good option for customers that trust the adidas brand and is a very dependable shoe for inexperienced wrestlers getting a feel for the sport.
  • Asics Matflex- Good option for customers that trust the Asics brand and need a shoe for inexperienced wrestlers getting a feel for the sport. Matflex provides good traction and support.
  • Brute Xplode – Brute has a long history of making wrestling shoes and the Xplode is an outstanding option for wrestlers looking for a durable shoe with good traction. Good choice for wrestlers looking for a good quality shoe at an introductory level.
  • Matman Revenge- Matman Revenge is another good choice for wrestlers looking for a good quality shoe. Leather/Mesh upper combo provides good breathability.

Wrestler Supply August 15 2013

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